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Dentist Office Marketing Ideas

    As seen in our initial discussion, dentist office marketing is not limited to advertising your practice. Still, it includes business cards, flyers, direct mail advertisements, and even changing your logo or design.

    Changing any of these items can be expensive, which is why most people do not. Luckily for you, though, we have gathered a list of easy ways to market your dental practice that doesn’t cost much!

    Instead, these marketing strategies are done free of charge and don’t require much effort other than creating them.

    Buy advertising for dental marketing.

    Dentist Office Marketing Ideas

    Advertising is one of the essential parts of any business’s digital marketing strategy. Almost every large corporation has at least some kind of advertisement campaign, and it usually pays off!

    Your dental practice can’t afford to have an ad campaign. Healthcare advertisements are expensive, but they work!

    It would be best if you thought about what messages your practice needs to send out into the world, and you should prepare to spend money telling people about your and their health. Many will be online ads or posters you put up around your office space and surrounding areas.

    There are many ways to use advertisements to promote your dental practice. Some examples include:

    • Printing fliers about services you offer and putting them in places where customers may see them (such as under bathroom mirrors) or taking over the pages of a local paper with announcements and pictures of your clinic
    • You are writing press releases about new procedures or achievements for your medical staff and sharing them through social media channels.
    • Creating website content to draw in new potential patients
    • Getting sponsored by another business so that you can spread their message for free or give them credit for referrals
    • The last option is probably the best way to go about it if you want more exposure. Getting sponsorships comes from going outside your community and meeting other businesses in your field.

    It works better if you are already famous, so starting with just promoting yourself is a good idea.

    Start a newsletter for your dental office.

    Dentist Office Marketing Ideas

    A well-optimized, targeted email is much more likely to get read and actioned than an unsolicited one. When you have something that people want to see, they will come!

    Blogs are a great way to do this. By creating a blog, you can use it to create an opt-in newsletter where your readers can subscribe to receive updates from you.

    This can be done through your website or free apps like Blogger or WordPress, allowing you to publish content quickly.

    Having a separate announcement space allows followers to stay informed without being overwhelmed with messages.

    You may also want to consider adding live chat to help direct questions towards different areas of your business. This could be through Google Chat, Slack, Facebook Messenger, or another app like Talk (formerly Skype).

    Google Hangouts allows you to add users and features such as video and voice calls which helps make it even better.

    Create a social media presence for dental practice

    Dentist Office Marketing Ideas

    As we have seen, being present online is crucial to your business’s success. But too often, dentists forget that when they go about creating their accounts.

    You would not spend money shopping without knowing who you will meet at the mall or store, nor would you launch into speech mode with someone you just met!

    The same applies to the internet. You should not invest time and resources in your business if you do not know what you want to say to potential clients.

    Start by picking one of the big social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) and building an account there. Then, move on to another site and repeat this process until you feel connected to your market.

    Interact with others and be social – but keep your message focused on your product or service!

    People rely heavily on technology for everything, including working from home. How can you expect customers to come to you if you don’t use it yourself? Make sure your “in-person” appearance matches what you offer via mobile device.

    Blogging is also a great way to increase visibility while promoting your services. People look through blogs for tips and information, so why not add some value to yours? Write about things related to your field and share your knowledge.

    Buy advertising on the internet about dental marketing ideas.

    Advertising your practice online is a great way to market your dental office. You can do this through social media sites, search engine advertisements, website ads, and more.

    Advertising your dental practice on a large site like YouTube or Facebook will help generate new patients. In addition, by investing in these mediums, you will get some of the money back via discounts or free advertising, which they offer to businesses that are part of their network.

    Your profile on each site can start gathering followers and generating traffic to your clinic. Of course, creating an account at all non-monetary websites, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, is also a good idea!

    That means starting accounts on Reddit, Pinterest, and Snapchat. People surf the web for information and tips, so giving them what they want can bring in new patients.

    Your dentist should have their professional profile across all these sites, but if not, you can make fake ones using pictures and info from your clinic.

    Encourage clients to use social media marketing campaign

    Dentist Office Marketing Ideas

    As mentioned earlier, your dental office can’t expect people to come for checkups if they don’t know you exist!

    Invite your patients to leave a comment or like on your Facebook page, mention you on Instagram, and include a tweet with your business name.

    Encouraging client engagement creates an opportunity for word-of-mouth marketing.

    People will talk about how great you are after seeing you online, so highlight your services and what makes you stand out from the rest!

    Running an active social media account is a lot of work, so some free tools can help you manage all of this.

    There are many ways to promote your practice using different platforms, but staying consistent is key to success.

    Offer a promotional deal for dentist services.

    Dentist Office Marketing Ideas

    As mentioned earlier, your dental office could be sacrificing exposure due to poor marketing strategies. One of these is offering too many services outside of just dentistry.

    Dental professionals should stick to practising medicine and cosmetic dentistry only. It doesn’t look good when people come in for something simple like a cavity treatment or crown and find out they also need an exam, x-ray, or other procedures are done that day.

    These days, even some essential treatments require additional equipment or tests that can cost extra money. This is not okay if you are trying to promote health!

    Adding onto their schedule creates more work for them, reducing their efficiency as a doctor. If someone wants a second opinion, they may choose to go elsewhere because there won’t be anything available at the time.

    This is very unfortunate since most patients want this to confirm that what they are being told works and is safe. They will probably look elsewhere after finding out how much-added overhead is involved with coming into your practice.

    Dentist Office Marketing Ideas

    It is not okay to only have a business profile on social media sites like Facebook. This will probably get you kicked out of there because they want to see what businesses you are connected to! But when it comes to marketing for your dental practice, linking your site or personal account to theirs is a great way to use their platform to promote yours.

    By doing this, your audience can find you online through their search engines or via their accounts. Either way, using their service in exchange for something they already offer may help your business grow!

    Most people who start their day with the news turn on channel 10, usually do an interview or read an article about their favourite sports team. A similar thing happens after work; people switch channels to watch the show or movie they have been waiting for all week.

    If you’re a dentist, maybe your patients know someone else who just got their wisdom teeth removed, so they ask you about your clinic.

    Ask your clients to tell their friends to grow your practice

    Dentist Office Marketing Ideas

    You can ask your clients to tell their friends about you, which will lead to more success in the long term.


    So, what kind of marketing mix will your dental practice use? It all starts with a website, email marketing and Google Business listing, but when it’s time to bring new people into the office, you need a good plan. Make sure you have professionals involved in your marketing team. Think about what customers will look for in a dentist office.