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Dental Marketing Ideas New Patients

    Finding new patients is a tricky business and marketing strategy that most dental professionals have to deal with at some point in their careers. A dental marketing ideas blog is going to help you succeed.

    Dentists spend lots of time digital marketing their practice, but very few dentists market themselves as well as they can.

    You are your brand. You create your image through how you dress, what you say about yourself, your appearance, and your interactions with others. People who look up your name online or talk to colleagues form an opinion of you based on these factors.

    If you are a new dentist and want more referrals, you need to be aware of this and take steps to improve your branding.

    New patients are looking for a good experience, so make sure they get one by using practical dental marketing plan ideas. These tips will help you promote your practice and increase its exposure.

    W will review several ways to promote your practice for the first time. Many of these can be done at no cost, while others may require a small investment.

    What’s not worth it is spending money on expensive advertising or running promotional giveaways without seeing any results.

    Purchase advertising for dental practice

    dental marketing ideas new patients

    Starting your dental marketing campaign with purchase advertisements is one of the best ways to bring in new patients. There are two main reasons why this approach works!

    The first is cost-effectiveness – buying an advertisement is much less expensive than offering your services for free or through pay-to-see clinics.

    The second is the return on investment (ROI). Does this mean how many visits your clinic will receive from the ad? How much revenue will you earn per visit?

    There are several different types of ads that can be used to promote your dentistry practice.

    Tell people you are opening a practice dental office

    dental marketing ideas new patients

    When your dream of becoming a dentist comes together, most patients will be thrilled for you! They will admire your passion and desire to help others feel comfortable in and around the dental office.

    But before you open up shop, it is important to tell everyone that you want to become a practising dentist. You should also let people know where you’re located so they can visit you if they need work or advice.

    Offer a test website to patients for reviews.

    dental marketing ideas new patients

    A great way to draw new patients in is by offering them a chance to try your services for free. Most dentists will prescribe a minimum of two bites before they agree that you are qualified to treat them, so why not give them a good experience while waiting for their appointment?

    Some practitioners offer a “test bite” where no treatment takes place but invite people to come back at an appropriate time. Giving someone a chance to feel your dental equipment and speak with you about your practice creates a sense of confidence.

    This can be done through posting pictures and messages or via phone calls and appointments. Many practices now have staff that perform this task as part of their job!

    There is also some money in it if you’re willing to do it professionally – check out our article here for tips on running a successful test bite.

    Ask your patients to use the app on the dental website.

    A great way to draw in new dental customers is by asking them to use your smartphone app before seeing you. By doing this, you are creating an incentive for people to visit your practice!

    Most health apps have you create an account through their website or mobile device; then, you can download the app directly from the site or via the mobile app store.

    With it as an incentive to come into the office, many patients will install the app and connect with your practice.

    Some of the most successful practices offer a free trial period for the app so that patients can check out what your course offers without spending money.

    Use social media or google my business for dental marketing ideas for new patients.

    dental marketing ideas new patients

    Social media has become one of the most important ways to promote dental practice!

    With the ease of access, patients have a constant stream of exposure. This exposure is through direct messages from people you follow on social media and advertisements.

    As we all know, advertising works! By using technology to advertise your practice, you can ensure that your potential clients know it.

    By having the right amount of ads, you will boost business. Advertisements can be done in various forms, such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube videos, printed materials, etc.

    Not only does this help get more attention for your practice, but it also gives you some extra income!

    There are many free ways to start promoting yourself online. You do not need to spend money to begin creating a buzz about your practice.

    Buy toothbrush and floss in dental service for potential patient

    dental marketing ideas new patients

    As someone who enjoys her dental career, Dr Kaleb is always looking for new ways to connect with patients. While it may sound simple enough, offering your patient a gift or setting up an appointment can boost their confidence in you!

    Providing your patients with our special oral hygiene tools (toothbrushes and dental floss) can help promote good oral health. Both are easy to find at most stores, so they do not require going into more detail about what products to pick.

    By giving these to your patients, we emphasize that oral care is essential and should be done daily. It also helps them feel more prepared for their next visit, which promotes returning for holidays!

    We recommend buying one for each person in your practice to spread kindness. Not only will this give them some needed supplies, but it will also show your respect by providing something for yourself.

    Encourage existing patients to wear dental floss.

    dental marketing ideas new patients

    As mentioned before, brushing and cleaning your teeth is one of the most important things you can do for oral health. But unfortunately, many people forget or don’t have anyone to teach them how to use dental floss correctly.

    When they should be using it, some even choose not to use it due to cost or lack of availability. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to promote dental floss to your patients!

    You can make sure they’re always the right length by having them pick their own at a dentist’s office (or teaching them how to measure themselves)

    Or you can buy enough for them so that they never run out! Many stores offer bulk discounts, making this affordable too.

    Some brands will include fun educational information about why and how to use dental flosses correctly. This is very helpful since patients may need help changing their habits.

    Ask your staff to be more friendly to grow your practice

    dental marketing ideas new patients

    It’s common for patients to come into a dentist’s office for their next visit only to find that they’ve already been greeted by someone else!

    This can make them feel uncomfortable or even alienated from your practice.

    New patients are one of your greatest assets at this stage in your career, so it is essential to develop relationships with them. Make sure your employees know this and strive to greet every new patient with a smile.

    Something as simple as offering them a coffee after check-ups could make a difference in how well they feel about coming back!

    Staff should also be informed if there’s anything specific a patient would like addressed during their visits, such as bad habits or symptoms.


    Overall, dental marketing can seem a bit overwhelming. The truth is, there are several ways to find new patients and ensuring the success of your next dental marketing campaign depends on what you decide to do.