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Dental Definition – Frenum

    Definition: The frenum is the piece of skin that connects the lower lip to the lower jaw. It is also the tissue that connects the tongue and lips to the gums.

    If you’re ever in need of dental help, you might be wondering what a frenum is. Basically, a frenum is a small, thin piece of flesh that hangs off the lip or tongue. It’s attached to these areas by a thin cord of tissue, and it’s used to control the flow of saliva. When you speak, the frenum helps control the flow of your speech.

    In addition to controlling the flow of saliva, a frenum can also be used to identify speech sounds. For example, the “th” sound in “this” is made by pressing your tongue against the frenum on the roof of your mouth. Frenums are also important for eating and drinking. When you drink from a cup, for example, you need to use your tongue to press against the frenum on the roof of your mouth to stop the liquid from going down your throat.

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    What Is A Frenum?

    What is a frenum? Frenums are small folds of mucous membranes that attach to different parts of the body, like the lips, cheeks, tongue, and chin. They’re important for stability and mobility. For example, the frenum on the tongue helps to keep the tongue in place during speech or breastfeeding. Frenums can also be removed to improve mobility or stability. In some cases, a frenectomy is recommended for infants and young children with a tongue tie – a condition in which the frenum attaches too tightly to the underside of the tongue. A Frenectomy is a surgical procedure that releases or removes a frenum. It’s often recommended for infants and young children with a tight frenum as it can improve breastfeeding success. So next time you’re having trouble breastfeeding your child because of a loose or tight frenum – don’t worry! There’s likely an easy solution available that doesn’t require surgery!

    Frenum Attached To The Lip

    Have you ever noticed that the lips seem to move around a lot when you’re talking? That’s because they’re attached to the teeth with a band of tissue called the frenum. A frenum is a medical term for this band of tissue, and it can be removed by a procedure called a frenectomy. Frenectomy is a safe and effective way to improve the function and appearance of the lips. There are several different types of a frenectomy, depending on where it is located on the lip.

    A Frenectomy can be done for cosmetic reasons or to improve dental function. For example, if you have difficulty chewing your food because your lipstick is out too far, a frenectomy may be an option for you. A frenectomy can also be helpful if you have problems with speech – like difficulty articulating certain words – because the frenum can become detached from the tongue during speech.

    A Frenectomy is relatively quick and simple, and most patients recover rapidly the following surgery. In fact, most people feel better within hours following their surgery! The only potential side effect that patients typically experience is minor pain at the time of surgery. If there are any other concerns or questions about your procedure, please don’t hesitate to ask your doctor or surgeon!

    Frenum Attached To The Tongue

    There’s something special about the way the tongue hangs down from the floor of your mouth – it just feels right. But there is one small detail that can occasionally cause problems: a frenum. Frenums are tiny folds of tissue that attach the tongue to the floor of the mouth. They provide stability and strength to the tongue, allowing it to move more freely and effectively.

    While all Frenums are not created equal, some people may experience problems with their frenum due to its length or tightness. If this is you, please don’t worry – there’s always hope for improvement! There are a few different ways that a frenum may become an issue, and in some cases, a Frenectomy (surgery to remove the frenum) may be necessary. However, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor about your options – you might just be surprised at what can be done!

    All In All

    A frenum is a small fold of tissue that helps anchor a body part in place. The frenum attached to the lip is called the labial frenum, and the frenum attached to the tongue is called the lingual frenum.